2018 – unprecedented times

Backup IPhone Pictures 180We live in a time of exponential change when all the previous norms of society are no longer – the fragile fabric of society has been shown up for what it is and we are entering a new paradigm of chaos and uncertainty. The technical advances are rapid and awe inspiring – and at the same time the old norms are being swept away. These are uncharted waters and navigating them can be can be scary and confusing. The only place that we can be sure of is our selves – to look inside our hearts and find our own inner compass – our own true north.

I see the human race as a jigsaw. Each one of us is a piece of the puzzle, and without any one of us the puzzle is incomplete. We are moving into a time where actions speak louder than words – yes, we need to focus on our own personal development but also bring our unique gifts, talents, knowledge and experience and give them to the world. This isn’t the time to be shrinking violets – we are all needed to be proactive now.

The good news is that giving our unique gifts and talents to the planet is doing and being what we love to be and do.

My mission for 2018 is to inspire people to be their authentic selves and to shine their light in the world.

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