Coaching Retreats

Coaching Retreats

Coaching retreats offer you an opportunity to have an in-depth coaching experience interspersed with relaxing treatments such as massage and reiki, with healing walks by the beach. Sometimes it’s helpful to be away from daily life to get perspective and balance. It can also provide an excellent grounding for future coaching.

Lizzie’s story

I joined Jan for a weekend retreat in her serene home at a time when I was feeling particularly vulnerable and in many ways emotionally stuck; I felt that the personal relationships I had chosen had invited chaos into my life. I was in need of intuitive guidance, a confidante and a friend with the experience to guide me towards a more conscious way of living.

Jan provided all these things, as well as the tools to identify my unique talents and a clear path to set about creating a life with a deeper, clearer purpose. Jan’s wealth of knowledge and training underpins her practice; it is her compassion and generous spirit that creates a safe space where issues and struggles can be worked through comfortably.

Since our retreat I have had more focus, drive, clarity, more creative energy and a sense of urgency to get the real work in my life done. Furthermore, Jan’s nurturing energy has taught me a great deal about self-care, mindfulness and realising the wonder in each moment and each breath. These are life-affirming skills I will take with me always.

I feel honoured to have spent time with such a generous and experienced mentor and can’t recommend her services highly enough. I believe we owe it to ourselves and the world to be the best we can be; Jan helps to unlock our innate potential.

Caroline’s story

“I had not met Jan before I went to stay with her for my life-coaching weekend, and was a little apprehensive about what lay ahead. It was a wonderful time, complete with beach walks, reiki, and gorgeous food, all within a safe environment created by Jan and her comfortable home. Having that space and care was the best gift I could have given to myself, and now, some time later, I view this not as a ‘gift’ but as something essential in my life, as I feel less stressed and far more positive.”

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