Changes afoot!

I’ve taken the big decision in the autumn of my life, to give up my educational consultancy and to concentrate on what really inspires me most – supporting people to navigate and achieve in the challenging landscape of the modern world.

Having worked as a coach for the last 11 years I’m very aware of the fast moving ever changing world that we are living in and the stress levels that people are operating under.

My heart’s desire is to support and inspire people who are focussed on making a difference on the planet and to offer them ways to increase their emotional resilience to better pursue their dreams and to transform them into reality.

It’s all possible!

A new journey – exciting!



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Synergy and Balance

lose yourself in the beauty of nature

We and nature are interconnected. Trees release Oxygen and we give the trees Carbon Dioxide.

Perfect synergy and balance.

Take time out of your busy life to connect with nature and breathe.

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Words have power!

The language that we use in our thoughts and in our conversations have the power to affect our mood and the mood of those around us.

It’s really helpful when you are feeling low or great to become aware of the language you are using in your mind, and to have a heightened awareness of the language that is being spoken around you, to you and by you. Becoming mindful of the words we are using, both in thought and speech allows us to change them into a more positive frame.

Try this: Think of something or somebody that makes you laugh/feel good/ and imagine yourself in that situation. Smile until your smile reaches your eyes. Now try at the same time to think of something sad – it’s impossible!  Language has a similar power, positive words create positive feelings and lift our energy.

We are in charge of our minds, our minds are not in charge of us!


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What if’s stop what is!

If I do this, what will she think? If I say that how will he respond?

We spend our lives worrying about other’s reactions to what we say and do. Ultimately the only truth is our own truth and what others’ think or feel is irrelevant to our own authentic truth. It takes courage to be in our truth, but once we connect with it from our hearts, not our head, it is the route to freedom.

Nobody can gainsay our own truth.

When we live in a world of ‘what if’s?’ ‘what is’ can never be. Something to ponder on this lovely summers day.

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Change our perspective

We live in times of great stress and constant change and sometimes it feels like we go from crisis to crisis. Is this really the only truth?

It depends on our perspective. If we see our situation as a crisis it becomes a crisis. If we see it as an opportunity it becomes an opportunity.

Stop – listen – reflect and shift your perspective. Let’s make this day and everyday an opportunity.

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Networking Angels

Youcan2 is going to a Networking Angels event Newcastle. To  find out details of the event please go to 

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Summer Special Offer

For July and August 2013 I am offering six coaching sessions for the price of five or a weekend retreat in the beautiful village of Tynemouth for the same price.

Have a look at our recent initiative, creative coaching at the coast.


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You never know what you can do until you try!

However experienced you are, however old you are, some things don’t change unless you become aware of them and challenge yourself to overcome them. No-one can do it for you although they can support you on the way.

I have avoided doing this blog for nearly a year and have avoided learning how to scan documents on my computer. It has taken a friend sitting by my side, and a sudden determination to conquer my fear and I have done it in a short time and with ease!

My message to you is to try something you usually avoid and give it a go. Have fun! I did!

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Coming …

Getting my creative juices flowing  – more to follow!

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