One-to-one Life Coaching

One-to-one Life Coaching

Allows you to:

• Focus on what you want in your life, where you want to be and how to get there.
• Have space for your own creativity and vision to emerge, shining light and clarity on what has previously been hidden from view.
• Identify and remove the blocks that prevent you achieving your heart’s desires.
• Understand your strengths, gifts and talents.
• Find a route through to realise your potential.

Steve’s story.

Steve had moved to Spain to live with his family to start a completely new life. He had to decide which direction to take in his life and needed the opportunity to focus and clarify the direction he wanted to take. He now is a successful entrepeneur and tai chi teacher.

“Over a total of six sessions Jan has supported me to find the answers within myself using clear precise and perfectly timed questions. Jan has a heightened sense of awareness with a strong sense of intuitive knowledge, this has enabled me to gain clarity and clear whatever blocks have been in the way.

I have always finished each session feeling uplifted within my spirit and excited about taking the action that is required to move myself forward.

The work we have completed together has been of extreme value to my personal growth awareness and ongoing development.

In summary I have found Jan to be professional, compassionate with a generous willing spirit that creates a relaxed environment which allows for communication to flow freely and naturally.”

Nina’s story

Nina was at a crossroads in her life both in terms of her career and relationships. She took time to examine and understand what she truly wanted in her life and took action to create the life she wanted. She now is in a job she loves, is happy with her relationship and has the skills and understanding to deal with issues as they arise.

“Jan offers the right amount of support and challenge, always with compassion, to help me reach the heart of the matter, see what’s true and take me into a deeper seeing of what is in need of healing. Her work unlocks gently and heals deeply, often softening, centering, opening and connected to the heart. I am so grateful to have the support of such a wonderful teacher and mentor on this journey”.

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