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About Jan Etoile

My interest in personal and transformational development came partly as a result of experiencing clinical depression when my children were small.

I realised that conventional medicine wasn’t enough to help me fully recover and from then on was on a mission to find alternative ways of healing and developing my own sense of self.

I needed to rediscover the essence of me and to expand my understanding of how to bring the missing ingredient of spiritual intelligence as well as mind, body and emotional intelligence, into my life and work.

Most of my working life had been nursing, running health education training groups in the education sector and being a diversity trainer in the corporate world. All of this work enhanced my understanding of life but I had a calling to go deeper.

To this end, I joined a Life Mastery group and studied with this group for 10 years. This included staffing on four, one year-long course. These courses explored many aspects of transformational modalities, including shamanism, NLP, visualization, advanced communication, understanding and working with energy and studying different spiritual paths. Here I learned the true nature of being in service and the meaning of sacredness.

Since leaving this group I qualified as a life coach and am continuously expanding my understanding and practice. I have studied more modalities that I can use as transformational tools with clients, such as EFT, NLP, Energy in motion and Reiki

As a result, I have moved into the happy position of doing the work that I love to do – supporting people to transform their own lives; to be released from old patterning and to bring their unique gifts and talents to the world.

“You are not accidental-existence needs you. Without you something will be missing in existence and nobody can replace it”. Osho

I have found that all of my difficult life experiences have been my greatest teachers and added to the rich tapestry of my life. Taking the time to reflect on my life memories, extracting the nectar from these, and accepting them as life lessons, has lightened the heaviness of my past, and cleared my path into the future. I have birthed the ‘Life River’ – my sacred journey.

I now offer this transformational process to my clients, a synthesis of all of my life learning. (see testimonials on home page)

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“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” 

Eleanor Roosevelt