A Time Like No Other

A time like no other…..

What a momentous year and the paradigm shift is continuing!

Personally, as well as dealing with the pandemic and lockdowns, I realised that it was time for me to move nearer to family. As a result I have moved from the North East of England, which I have loved, to the borders of England and Wales- Hay on Wye to be exact!

It is a magical part of the world, and it is said that C.S.Lewis who wrote ‘The chronicles of Narnia”was inspired by the Golden Valley, and Aslam by ‘Arthur’s Stone’.Certainly the area is very beautiful, with Hay nestling between the hills, views wherever you look, with the river Wye running through.

Beautiful birthday cards- lucky me👏👏

I have carried on my coaching practice virtually and will be delighted to receive clients face-to-face when that is a possibility again.