Seize the moment-seize the day-follow your star

I have noticed changes in myself during this pandemic- things I would have done without thinking, visiting friends and family became difficult and complicated. I noticed myself becoming more insular and my world becoming smaller. Then something inside me changed- I decided to move- to take action! I wanted to be nearer my family and realised that now was the time! This decision made my life expansive again, planning and moving to a lovely home in Hay-on-Wye.

Beautiful views

My son made the brave decision at Xmas to book a holiday for all the family in Annecy in France so that we could all meet, not knowing whether we could make it with all the restrictions on travel. We did make it with the result that we had a fabulous time with family and cousins who we hadn’t been able to see for a long time. What a breath of fresh air and joy- a holiday to remember and take golden sips from in the winter cold.

So my intention is to take my steps even if it feels scary,  be in control of my destiny and decisions and not to be ruled by fear!