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I’m Jan Etoile and my mission is to inspire people to be their authentic selves and shine their light in the world.

We live in a time of exponential change – the fragile fabric of society has been shown up for what it is and we are entering a new paradigm of chaos and uncertainty, which has been exacerbated by a global pandemic!

The technical advances are rapid and awe inspiring, and at the same time the old norms are being swept away. These are uncharted waters and navigating them can be can be scary and confusing.

The only place that we can be sure of is our selves – to look inside our hearts and find our own inner compass – our own true north.

I have been trained in a variety of healing modalities (such as visualisation , NLP, EFT and positive psychology and advanced communication …) so that when you and I meet, I know I can provide the ideal practices that are exactly what you need.

I have been through a breakdown, panic attacks, and anxiety before so I understand how it feels … with no judgement. And I also know you can get out of it. I will hold space for you to see your own strength and emerge from a crisis.

I have many years experience working as a coach, with a background in health, education and personal development and I bring a synthesis of all of my learning and understanding to our sessions together.
I offer one to one sessions in easy to access ways to suit you:: face-to –face and virtually/ as a coaching retreat with follow up sessions, or individual sessions.

I have now amalgamated these healing modalities into my new approach that I call  ‘Life River’. The process honours your path –  your sacred journey up to now. Here you have the space to examine your experiences and memories in order to lighten your load and carry forward your gifts into the future.

Life River

What is The Life River?
The Life River is a process of mapping your experiences and memories, trusting that the ones that you choose to draw on the paper are perfect for the process.

Then you are able to look back over your river with an eagle eye view extracting the nectar and identifying your strengths, gifts, patterns and lessons learned.

Life River

What will The Life River give to me?

It will give you the benefit of hindsight!

It will also let you break free of the shackles of the stories lodged in your subconscious and leave you with the lightness of the essence of you.
In undertaking the Life River you will discover that your trials, tribulations and memories all highlight strengths, patterns, gifts and golden threads, which will bring you clarity and freedom going forward.

“The past lives in you as memories, but memories in themselves are not a problem.

In fact it is through memory that we learn from the past and from past mistakes.It is only when memories, that is to say, thoughts about the past, take you over completely that they turn into a burden, turn problematic, and become part of your sense of self.” ~Echart Tolle – a New Earth~

The act of creating a ‘Life River’ Oracle (cards, runes) of your choosing celebrates all that you are.

Making the oracle is a sacred act of grounding and embedding all that you’ve learned, and gives you the opportunity to physically draw on your own innate wisdom whenever you want or need to.


A wonderful woman, speaking about her experience of doing her Life River Journey.  See video chat below and get in touch to arrange your session.


I felt the need to stop, pause, to take stock of where I was. Taking the time to retreat and journey along the Life River with the attentive care of Jan, was just perfect. I loved the unravelling, the seeing, the being there just to take time out for myself. Many gems arose and I am grateful to Jan for her, warmth, her deep wisdom and insight. It was truly a wonderful gift that I feel grateful for. I absolutely love using my oracle cards! I highly recommend this worthwhile experience with Jan to anyone.
Florentina Lam-Clark M.I.F.R.

Jan took me through The Life River. I had no idea what to expect. This has been life changing for me. It has helped me come terms with the sudden loss of someone I held close to my heart and also have an empathy and understanding why this happened. It’s like having a guide through your life and helps to change the negative energy that may have been around for a while into something positive and exciting. We strive in life to achieve when all we need to do is open our heart and listen – the world is then your oyster.

Sharon Ferguson

Jan has been very important in helping me to work out how to begin to identify a new path with new opportunities in the context of the lessons of the past. I like that she is both pragmatic and intuitive. She has the ability to draw things out that are bubbling just below the surface and without being directional. She has the knack of being able to help me stagger and marshal my thoughts and ideas. Each session helps me move forward and get some monkeys off my back.

Simon Forrester

“The Life River has been a remarkable experience from the very beginning, when a decidedly odd selection of memories presented themselves for review, (the seemingly harmless inconsequential memories proved to hold the precious insights that spun together into golden threads, and the scarier more life changing events weren’t scary, or drama filled, or painful). Jan offered healing when the need arose, and listened as I made sense of what I was discovering. Between sessions, journaling, and just allowing insights to bubble up, slot into place and then release was a wonderful experience.
I’ve completed The Life River, understanding the themes, pathways and lessons that I’ve learned, the gifts I was born with, and those I’ve been given by people and experiences, and, I believe, an understanding of my purpose.

Fays Oracle
I chose to make a set of runes, using symbols from my Life River with a little white book outlining the gifts and strengths that each symbol represents. This has been a sacred journey, and the runes a sacred tool born of this journey.”

Fay Robertson 

‘Working with Jan has been the most empowering experience. She combines the qualities of openhearted compassion and kindness with acute vision and perceptiveness that cuts straight to the point. She has, without exception, helped me clarify things that made me feel woolly and confused. Because I felt so safe and held by her, she has helped me open up about things which made me feel ashamed and helped me to see them in a new light. Through working with her ‘Life River’ process she has helped me identify my unique qualities and talents, which equip me perfectly to carry out my life’s purpose. Some of these qualities were a source of shame in the past, because they made me feel different. Jan has shown me that these magical qualities are in fact my greatest strength.

Working with Jan has helped me to complete a publishing proposal for the book I am writing and helped me to feel proud and confident about the content of my book.’

Anna Bromley 

Life's River Jan Etoile
“Symbolically, a River represents the flow of Time. It Symbolises the natural flow of Nature along with all of Her Cycles, transitions, transformations and passageways.”

Joseph Panek
Why do this process?

As people have undertaken the Life River Journey have had experience of operating daily from a perspective of their strengths, gifts and talents, they may find that, after a while, their priorities alter in line with their true essence. This can result in a opening of many possibilities going forward and lead to a crossroads and a re-evaluation of their life direction.
I have developed the River to the Ocean to support this process, to consolidate and give clarity to the way forward, in line with the uniqueness of the individual.

The purpose of the River to the Ocean is to:

• Reflect on your progress emotionally, physically and spiritually since undertaking your Life River Journey
• Identify the deep core values that underpin your true nature and support you on your Life Journey
• Take forward your gifts, talents, strengths and values into key areas of your life that reflect your uniqueness into the Ocean.

Below is a vide and a written testimonial from a client who completed her Life River Journey a year ago, and recently came to complete her River to the Ocean journey.

Testimonial from Cath Darling

I revisited Jan a year after completing ‘The River’. We worked together to complete the ‘River to the Ocean’ which I found incredibly enjoyable and powerful. Jan has a wonderful gift for being present, and witness to, and facilitating the process without interrupting the flow of attention and development. She has helped me enormously.

The ‘river to the ocean’ helped to consolidate the work I had completed with Jan a year previously. I enjoyed working creatively, drawing and writing and using colour. We explored where I had been emotionally over the past year and what values I now identify as being mine. We also looked at ways that I can bring my values into the way I live day to day. I had never reflected upon myself in this way before, and it has helped me tremendously. I use the gifts and knowledge I have gained from working with Jan, every day.

Her approach is gentle and non invasive, yet appropriately guiding and steering. She holds a warm loving space in which I have felt able to do some of my most private and important spiritual and emotional work. I trust that she treats my disclosure with sensitivity and care and I have total faith in her ability to maintain confidentiality and respect. She is a wonderful woman, with a gift for helping others discover their own true nature. I am so grateful to have met her and to have had the opportunity to work with her.

How do I undertake my own voyage of self-discovery and empower myself for the future?

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